And with this latest comic, we are now on vacation!  Just a heads up, Comics by Brad will not update for the next couple weeks so we can enjoy a little R&R.  We will be back with a fresh, new comic on Monday, July 13th.  If you haven’t already done so you can subscribe to Comics by Brad and receive updates directly through your email or by feed, and now would be a good time to sign up so you don’t have to mark July 13th on your calendar and hope you remember when the day comes.  Click here to subscribe, or use the signup form to the right of this blog.

Thanks again to everyone for your continued support, and we can’t wait to be back (or can we?) and see you all soon.

by Brad Carey

As of this week, new BIG cheese comics will be posted every Monday and Thursday.  I am cutting back from 3 comics a week to 2.  I’ve been doing some more ambitious comics lately, longer comics, and I want to keep doing those types of things. The cutback will also give me time to make minor tweaks to the site when needed, to keep everything fresh. 

This is just a heads up so nobody freaks out on Wednesday.  I’ll see everyone on Thursday.

by Brad Carey

Wow that’s a lot of green. Let me know if the green is hurting anyone’s eyes.