Brad Brad – Only the coolest character in the whole strip! Brad goes to college sometimes, works part time, and has a girlfriend.
Earmouse Earmouse – Brad’s pet mouse… but only until he gets his big break and moves to his own place in Hollywood.
Amy Amy – Brad’s self-proclaimed girlfriend. A fellow BCU student, and like most Psych majors, she’s got crazy. Due to the strange disappearance of Brad & Aaron’s roommate Luke, she is now roommates with the guys.
Peanut Peanut – Amy’s pet dog. Peanut loves most things, but mostly loves walks, food, and naps.
Aaron Aaron – Brad’s roommate and a student at BCU. You can never be quite sure what to expect from this odd, little fellow.
Luke Luke – Brad’s ex-roommate.  A recent BCU grad, he left town to pursue business ventures, and has not been heard from since.


Brad Carey, cartoonist and all around cool guy. Brad likes pizza, boating, sports, dogs, and air conditioning. Brad also entertains himself working as a graphic artist and marketing manager during the day. He currently lives in the desert with his wife and 2 dogs.