ooo… Re-invent himself?  That gives me an idea…

comic / webcomic 161

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  1. Onesecondreactionshot

    Brad should take a trip alone to “find himself”.

    • Brad

      Interesting assessment, 1SRS. And where would you suggest Brad take his trip? Brad is always open to trip suggestions.

  2. Sigil

    I vote Las Vegas. It’s simple and predictable, yet still moderately fun.

    • Brad

      Las Vegas. Awesome.

  3. Onesecondreactionshot

    He needs to search out his roots. Isn’t he a slavic-american? He needs to go back to croatia, serbia, slovakia, or somewhere random. Or maybe back to southern California. I look forward to the surprise.

  4. AridWaste

    I miss Earmouse. I want more Earmouse. I need more Earmouse. 🙁

    • Brad

      Whoa! How have you been David?

      I’m taking classes learning Java and mobile development, trying to move into your programming realm. If you ever want to talk shop, shoot me an email.

  5. Sigil

    Someone else thinking about this comic in current year. I miss this comic, so nostalgic now. Come back Brad. We’re still here.

  6. EccoBlackfin

    Make that three people..dunno why, just randomly thought of this comic and hoped for a(long awaited) update. This one was pretty fun!

  7. Brad

    Wow, I rarely stop and read the comments… I didn’t realize I had fans checking in. I have no plans to reboot ComicsByBrad at the moment.

    For those interested, I (ever so) briefly had a Fantasy Football webcomic at

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