It’s baseball season!

comic / webcomic 149

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  1. Onesecondreactionshot

    Ha ha. It is like that time in the amazons only reversed. (And in a baseball stadium.) Funny how the cannibals chased Luke all the way to BigCity, USA. (And into a baseball stadium.)

    • Brad

      Something tells me the chase has just begun.

  2. 4everblue

    The best part is the BEARDED man at 3B. And the locks at LF. I bet there was a fat lady behind the plate and a sissy girl pitching.

    • Brad

      Not sure what you’re getting at, 4EB. The local baseball team, the Big City Blues, aren’t meant to impersonate any other team real or fictional. Any resemblances to real teams are purely coincidental. In the game Brad and Amy attended, the Blues’ starting catcher was out with a mild injury, so his 42 year old backup (with an awesome name I might add) was catching.

  3. 4everblue

    Oh, ok… sorry about that… Best wishes to the starting catcher getting back from his injury… lets hope a young catcher doesnt step up and steals his role… and after all, the team has to be fictional cuz I dont know about any bearded 3B… at least not anymore…

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