I bet the putt-putt golf course is sweet.

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  1. Onesecondreactionshot

    Where I am from we call it miniature golf but my wife (from elsewhere) calls it putt putt. I like that earmouse is Brad’s shrink now. LOL.

    • Brad

      Funny thing is, where I am from we also call it “miniature” golf, but my wife (also from elsewhere) calls it “putt-putt”. Normally I side with my own upbringing, but there’s no denying how awesome it feels to say “putt-putt”.

  2. jacky

    We call it putt-putt because the name of the miniature golf establishment was called Putt-Putt Miniature Golf. (Seaside, Oregon) It is an inside course. Rain free.

  3. Dollydaydream

    we say miniature golf here. but putt putt sounds delightful, though it took me a moment to realize what it was lol

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