Bradatello strikes again!

comic / webcomic 131

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  1. someone

    woah, color comic…didn’t expect this

  2. Brad

    In case you missed it, Bradatello’s original appearance –

  3. someone

    if it was for me that comment, didn’t missed it, i have been reading your comics for long time…but never fell like commenting XD

    • Brad

      Nah, it was just a general comment for everyone (as opposed to just someone). I’m surprised as anyone that this comic has color in it.

  4. Dollydaydream

    Holy color!

  5. John K

    now that’s some crazy roll playing…

  6. Jamie

    I really like Amy’s red tones in her hair. Nice!

  7. Onesecondreactionshot

    Did anyone recognize that Amy is dressed as April O’neil? That takes me back!

  8. Jamie

    I like the new bam, zap, pow!

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