And I don’t even like cats.

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  1. Dollydaydream

    Couldn’t he split it up into two meals-worth and then he wouldn’t be stuffed this time? Either way, I love your work!

    • Brad

      Split up a gift card into two meals? I’m not sure I follow your logic 🙂

  2. Onesecondreactionshot

    LOL. Welcome back! It is funny because it is true. When someone else pays I get specialty drinks. Mango smoothie anyone? Stray cats: brilliant!

  3. Brad

    Appetizers, fluffy drinks, desserts… I usually spend the same out-of-pocket with or without a gift card, but “with” I eat like a king..

  4. 4everblue

    I hope you lose the cat… Earmouse wont like him…

    • Earmouse

      Random, stray cat is the worst Comics by Brad character ever.

  5. Dollydaydream

    The random stray cat looks kind of grumpy. He probably needs the food.

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