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  1. Onesecondreactionshot

    What was that cloud of dust at Amy’s feet?

  2. Brad

    Dirt. She hasn’t showered since she moved in.

  3. John K

    I love the cloud behind her, reminds me of my last roommate… she always smelled of sausage.

  4. Mickel

    I have 5 sisters, they are NOT clean people. Love the cloud of dirt

  5. Jamie

    Give Amy a break, she just moved in with a bunch of guys…. that’s gotta be weird.

    Also, did Peanut move in too?

  6. Brad

    It’s most likely that Peanut moved in. However, I don’t want to commit to anything in the comments section, because there are fans that will quote me on continuity issues.

    In ComicsbyBrad #119 the “possible roommate” was mentioned as having a dog, something that should only be important if she was bringing him with her.

    In ComicsbyBrad #113 it almost suggested that Peanut already lived there. Who knows, maybe he was just spending the night. Or maybe he came all the way across town to help Earmouse. It was never really made clear.

  7. Onesecondreactionshot

    Peanut and Earmouse hang out a lot because Earmouse is the only character who can understand Peanut. See comic #88. Earmouse is obviously multilingual.

  8. Earmouse

    It’s a curse.

  9. Jamie

    Wow, thanks for the historical context!

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