Just a couple of things real quick.

First, astute fans may have noticed that Comics by Brad just reached the 1-year milestone! It all started on September 12, 2008, so this is a proud accomplishment to say the least.  I once promised a book at the 1-year mark, but I have since decided that it would be too premature.  Look for a more awesomer/bigger book to come out at the end of year-2 (that’s right, I have no plans of going away!).

Second, the name “The BIG cheese” is being done away with.  Soon I will clean house, and this little corner of the web will be simply known as Comics by Brad.  “The BIG cheese” is superfluous and unnecessary.  Besides, what will I do when sponsors come knocking on the door – “Comics by Brad presents The BIG cheese by Brad Carey presented by The Home Depot…”  – that’s way, way too long.

Lastly, I will be taking a couple weeks off to take it all in.  I’m planning on being off for 2 weeks… 3 tops.  We’ll see.  October is a hectic month at my other job, plus I have some short vacation time planned with the wife. I will do my best to get a head start going into next month.

Thanks again for all your support, and stay awesome.

– Brad

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  1. Brad

    I said “superfluous and unnecessary”… that’s funny.

  2. Phillyzero

    Congrats on 1 year! Also, good call in case you get that Home Depot sponsorship.

  3. Jamie

    My my…. your wife must be a lucky lady. 😀

  4. Brad

    If you knew my wife, you’d realize I’m the lucky one 😀

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