Sunset is 6:55 pm tonight… ‘sigh’

comic / webcomic 122

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  1. Phillyzero

    Love the sky panel above everything. I’m also going to hate perfect days for the next 8 months or so.

  2. 4everblue

    I remember how it was to see a perfect blue sky and have class from 8am to 2pm… Now I see a perfect blue sky and have WORK from 8am to 5pm… I hate perfect days…

  3. Onesecondreactionshot

    Thank goodness for Brad, the winters in BigCity, USA are pretty mild. He will have plenty of perfect days.

  4. Onesecondreactionshot

    (for evidence of the mild winters, see 1-30-09 in the archives. Brad is waiting in the bushes for Amy to arrive, stalker-style. He has no hat or scarf on implying that even at night it is mild enough to wear only a long sleave tee)

  5. Earmouse

    Once it got really cold, and when I went outside I could see my breath. It was truly amazing.

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