So that’s who the other guy is.

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  1. Phillyzero

    I was rooting for the other guy 🙁

  2. John K

    The other guy is AWESOME… what is wrong with them!

  3. 4everblue

    was that a KKK outfit??? the hood looks like it…

  4. Brad

    It is not a KKK outfit. It is the “pointy-hair guy”, aka “jerk”, aka Brad’s arch nemesis (I don’t know why). I guess it’s been a while, so the timing’s a little off… but if you look through the archives you will find him from time to time.

  5. Onesecondreactionshot

    We have seen that pointy haired kid before! Where was it?

  6. Onesecondreactionshot

    I found it! It was the episode where everyone shows up because Brad was making bacon for breakfast! Brilliant.

  7. swells2048

    wasn’t the pointy the clerk at the home improvement store?

  8. Brad

    Exactly, Swells. He also works at the laundromat.

  9. 4everblue

    Any link for that strip? Anyone that makes Brad’s life miserable is OK in my book!!!

  10. Brad
  11. 4everblue

    wow… that guy is a trouble maker… he just cant keep a job…

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