A man’s gotta have his space.

comic / webcomic 119

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  1. John K

    huh? wonder what this is about…

  2. Brad

    Brad doesn’t want Amy, his girlfriend, living in the same house. He could potentially lose his independence and all heck could break loose. He’s truly wise for his age, but let’s just hope he sticks to his guns.

  3. Onesecondreactionshot

    This is even worse than her moving in next door!

  4. 4everblue

    Amazing she hasn’t semi-moved in already. First thing any GF does is leave a trail in your apt. An OBVIOUS trail, like a pink toothbrush or some PJs in your room.

  5. 4everblue

    I was wondering why my avatar wasn’t showing.

  6. Brad

    Maybe it was a temporary issue? Your “Beard” avatar is showing up clear right now 🙂

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