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  1. Mickel

    You could ask if she has a job. Naw as long as she’s hot

  2. John K

    sense when has he had toned abs???

  3. Onesecondreactionshot

    First, I knew that they would have trouble paying the rent. However, since Luke locked his door and left his alarm clock on, presumably he left all of his things behind. This implies that he is still renting the room making it unavailable to sublet. (unless they put his stuff in a storage unit for him or something) Authors or all types hate fans like me who notice every detail and point out inconsistencies. IE, it was said by the author in a previous blog comment that they did not need another roomate because of the raise Brad got because of his good smell during his preformance review at work. Keep up the good work.
    PS- Aaron has always had toned abs, John K. Sheesh.

  4. Brad

    I drew a comic where Luke called and asked the guys to pack his stuff into a Pods storage container. Even my mom told me it was lame and boring, so I decided to spare everyone.

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