What’s Earmouse planning to do with Bubble Tape?

comic / webcomic 111

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  1. Mickel

    He needs that boost of fruit flavor for the mission.

  2. John K

    why not use the dynamite on the alarm?

  3. 4everblue

    you are no fun… let the poor mouse blow the door!!!

  4. Onesecondreactionshot

    I always wondered how those little mouse doors get in the walls in cartoons… They are so perfectly shaped it is as if the mice have little tools to make them.

  5. Phillyzero

    “..a little bit of Jessica here I am, a little bit of you makes me your man” ^_^

  6. Jamie

    What about the ninja stars? What could those do?

  7. Brad

    Ninja stars are good for killing Ranks. Especially the ones with rocket launchers that are far away.

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