All of a sudden I have a craving for sweet and sour pork pizza with sprinkles.

comic / webcomic 106

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  1. John K

    I am always, “Ate too much guy”

  2. 4everblue

    im the Value guy and of course, the I ate too much…

  3. Phillyzero

    Sweet and sour pork pizza with sprinkles ALWAYS seems like a great idea at first, than you get a taste…

  4. Mickel

    Eat too much and then a nap. A good day!

  5. jynksie

    Allow me to introduce you to my wife… “the coupon queen”!!! We end up with foods we normally wouldn’t eat, but DO!

  6. FreeFall

    So, anyone know of a good place to get sweet and sour pork raw in western NY?

  7. Brad

    Thinking of making your own sweet-and-sour-pork pizza-with-sprinkles I see. You will not be disappointed, FreeFall.

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