Nothing like yelling in someone’s ear from one foot away.

comic / webcomic 105

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  1. AridWaste

    This used to be my favorite birthday sport: competitive close-range romantic screaming. (Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me!!)

  2. John K

    That is why I dont do clubs.

  3. swells

    Great stuff. I felt like I was there. I could hardly read it because of all of the “boom, booms”

  4. jynksie

    I partially blame you for the song now stuck in me head that goes
    ” Boom boom boom
    Let’s go back to my room
    So we can do it all night
    And you can make me feel right”

    darn comics and their subliminal messages!!

  5. Brad

    This comic is based on a true story of something that happened to me. In the end, I think the music saved me.

  6. 4everblue

    sure the music saved you if you told her something as geeky as what the comic says…

  7. swells

    Or maybe she pretended not to hear you to save you some embarrasment

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