Man, that’s close.

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  1. John K

    I’m actually having a bad day and this comic just gave me a big smile, thank you!

  2. AridWaste

    Can’t believe I forgot about ComicsByBrad! It’s been months since I’ve perused it–March 30th in fact. Now I’ve subscribed and will never miss The BIG Cheese again!

  3. 4everblue

    I usually notice that when is too late…

  4. swells2048

    Hello, Its Tuesday…were is my comic????

  5. Earmouse

    Brad is on vacation, bro. Comics will be back on the 13th.

  6. Shon

    If brad were smart he would have had his third panel STATE that he would be delayed until then, and this comic in PARTICULAR would have been perfect to incorporate that assertion in to.
    Oh brad. It is now obvious that you were in a rush to get on vacation and neglected the forethought that goes in to a good webcomic.

  7. Brad

    Good thinking, Shon. I might try to do a more obvious announcement the next time I decide to take off. I really wasn’t anticipating any uproar from either of my 2 fans.

  8. Ecco

    I’m holding out for the letters of apology with $100 bills taped to them.
    Get on it Brad, I need a tank full of fuel!

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