I think this one was written by Future-Brad.

comic / webcomic 094

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  1. 4everblue

    Good try Brad, but you missed one simple fact. They dont “announce” that they want to talk about their problems. They just sit next to you on the couch, start talking and EXPECT you to pay attention and ignore the game…

  2. Brad

    4EB, that’s exactly the situation I was trying to represent. I just chose to use an unrealistic approach for simplicity and charm.

  3. 4everblue

    quick story that goes along the line: yesterday I told my wife I wanted to go by a suit for a wedding. We went to the mall, bought 3 things for her and didnt even looked at the suits…

  4. Alex

    I love this comic! It might be the greatest site I’ve stumbled on. Hope you’ll release a book soon!

  5. Brad

    4EB – About your story, did you really “want” to go buy a suit for a wedding? Or did you “have” to go buy a suit for a wedding? It’s important for me to know before forming a complete opinion of your story.

    Alex – Thanks for the kind words. If I release a book for ComicsbyBrad, it will be late September – after I have finished a full year of comics.

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