The term “Faux pas” is one of my pet peeves.

comic / webcomic 090

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  1. jacky

    Most everyone in Oregon wears socks with their sandals! Somewhere between the first and third frame, Brad added a tie! Quick work!

  2. jacky

    oops forgive me! That’s Luke with the tie.

  3. Brad

    People in Oregon wear socks and sandles all the time? That’s awesome.

  4. Onesecondreactionshot

    Sometimes you want the breathability of sandals without exposing your feet to the world. Jacky must be a loyal fan to recognize characters by name: “That’s Luke with the tie.”

  5. erynn

    hehehe. Yes people here in Oregon do wear socks+sandals all the time. I’ve even seen a few brave socks+Flip-Flop wearers. Bahaha! silly Oregonians. (by the way I do not fit into the category of ninja turtle feet people) I wear my flip flops sockless.(sandals too, unless I’m camping and my feetsies are cold)

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