I, for one, think Aaron’s goatee and stache are coming in nicely.

comic / webcomic 089

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  1. Mickel

    No I’m sure that could be washed off, lol

  2. Human4cheese

    He needs to learn that you can’t try to grow it unless you’re sure it’ll come in nicely. The only exception to that rule is if you have to grow it for a specific reason…ie…a bet, a winning streak by your favorite team or for some play you are in where you have to perform as a bearded fellow.

  3. Anonymous

    hahahahaha. This is fantastical!!!! Maybe in the weeks to come it’ll slowly turn into a big ol’ bushy beard yeah?

  4. Brad

    Unfortunately it doesn’t always work like that. A big patchy-uneven beard? Maybe.

  5. erynn

    hahaha. I have a friend Jake, who leads himself to believe that his facial hair is wonderful when in reality It’s like a blind woman attempted to shave his face for him 😛 this made me think of him

  6. 4everblue

    just testing my avatar

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