Dang I draw awesome comics.

comic / webcomic 088

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  1. Katie

    I have to say,
    D. : )

  2. Human4cheese

    Yea, me too. I’m hungry now.

  3. Earmouse

    I’m loving your avatar image, Human4cheese.

  4. 1secondreactionshot

    I vote for Ninja Claus. (And by the way, I recognized the Rudy quote before you gave it away at the end.) Well done as always.

  5. 1secondreactionshot

    And also, good call on the Wallace and Gromit ad- “Cheese Gromit…” Very appropriate.

  6. 4everblue

    Just visiting the place… cool stuff…

  7. Phillyzero

    Santa Claus is a ninja…the pieces are all falling into place now.

  8. Brad

    4everblue: welcome! Go Dodgers!

    Phillyzero: Yes, Phillip, there is a Ninja Claus.

  9. Human4cheese

    Thanks Earmouse. The girl I’m seeing took the picture of me when I was lying on the couch. I thought it would be a good avatar. She said I’m her hunk of cheese.

    Oh…and Brad….GO BRAVES!

  10. RebeccaA

    Ninja Claus? That’s great =]

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