Probably one of the most over-used jokes ever… and yet irresistible when in the presence of a stud finder.

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  1. Hillblah

    Wow just stumbled this comic and it’s amazing… Apparantley you’ve been hearing that a lot lately *pokes last comics comment* just read the whole archive. Thanks for providing another (yes i’m addicted to heaps of them) high class wed comic Brad. And thanks to whoever added this on stumble.

  2. Human4cheese

    I just read all of your comics. Procrastination makes college more difficult.

  3. erynn

    hahahaha. My dad did that one time when i was younger, I had a bunch of friends over and he LOVES embarrassing me. This is great. Cant wait till thursday!

  4. Mickel

    As much as my wife hates that joke, I do it every time. Then she hits me with a 2×4.

  5. Brad

    So she hits you with a stud? Sounds fitting.

  6. lollii


    I LIKE IT 😀

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