Who’s that jerk in the last frame?

comic / webcomic 083

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  1. Onesecondreactionshot

    Lol. “I like it”. Time to change the green theme though. It is too late for Easter, but maybe a mothers day theme… or Flag day.

  2. Brad

    How about a generic-blue theme? I fell behind a little on the themes, I need to start thinking of an awesome Halloween theme.

  3. Tara

    I’m pretty certain I know of a few people (myself included) who could benefit from such a group… minus the jerk in the last frame! I too often find that scenarios in real life require an “I like it” button or a “Don’t show me more like this” button 😀

  4. Eagle0600

    But angry people can be funny.

  5. Katie

    Halloween? Aren’t you a bit early?

  6. Katie

    Halloween? Aren’t you a bit early?
    Oh and, I like it ^_^

  7. Dave


  8. Tomaz

    Like it – now just one more Stumble click….

  9. RN4072

    You know what we like. Thumbs up!

  10. damn

    GREEN? WHAT THE ****? WHERE THE ****?

  11. Brad

    ^ The website was green (for St Patricks Day), and I changed it to blue this past wek. So the green is gone for now.

  12. erynn

    I really do the “i like it” “don’t show me more like this” in my head about everyday scenarios. Shame on me <.<

  13. Anonymous

    wasn’t the guy in the last frame the bacon guy? he’s a moocher 2!

  14. jb


  15. chantelle

    hahaha i like this alot, i personally am addicted to stumbling. i found this site that way..

  16. guy

    Stumbled + “I like it”

  17. Lisa

    I think there should be a button in between ‘I like it’ and ‘I hate it’ something like ‘I kinda like’ it maybe or ‘ I’m ambivalent’. The button could use an update on color that’s for sure.

  18. Anonymous

    hehe, just arrived here for the first time via stumble 🙂

  19. Anonymous

    yeah….i found this with stumble…i think i might need help

  20. Stumbler

    I stumbled this. Help me.

  21. Anonymous

    Stumbled…upon this page.

    ….I like it!


  22. RebeccaA

    Amazingness. Keep it up =]

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