It’s a shame it had to come to this.

comic / webcomic 082

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  1. Katie

    I adore Stumble. It has brought me to you, Brad.
    I have to admit, I do stumble a bit too much : S
    I’m alright with it thought ^_^

  2. chirpsalot

    If I didn’t have stumble I would be productive, that’s not going to fly :D.

  3. blogtrog

    I,ve been ‘Stumbling’ for the last three days now,
    and when I leave to do anything, I’m still stumbling.
    I was only looking for one thing, just one thing.

  4. Anonymous

    hahahahaha guilty!

  5. the pain

    Gaah stumble kills

  6. Brandon


    * 67,289 stumbles

  7. Jojo

    StumbleUpon brought me here… is that a bad thing?

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