For those of you unfamiliar with “stumbling”, here’s a link –, but be forewarned about the addictive properties.

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  1. Onesecondreactionshot

    I like it!

  2. Beertycoon

    Stumble’s been acting strange this morning, I don;t like that. I do like this comic tho–thumbs up (when they work again)

  3. Anonymous

    I like it!

    I actually Stumbled on to this ^_^

  4. Anonymous

    lol i stumbled on to this as well. good stuff

  5. the flail

    Haha, I stumbled it too.

  6. Krysha Syrin

    I stumbled this and it’s so very true . . . I’ve stayed up hours beyond what should be considered healthy just for stumbleupon

  7. Mickii

    I am an Stumbler addict. I need a treatment group! Maybe I’ll stumble on one some day! The horror…
    (really funny comic btw)

  8. Brad

    So the only hope of finding a support group is through Stumble itself? That’s poetic justice. Brad somehow finds a support group 2 comics after this one.

  9. Jabroney

    Haha- I stumbled this, too. And what’s weird is there is another page that’s exactly the same!

  10. Brian

    Stumbled here as well, giving ya all a thumbs up

  11. Corbyn

    lol, i stumbled this too

  12. alex

    i hit stumble and got this website

  13. BossOfSnipez

    I stumbled. I can relate =]

  14. Sariko

    I found this comic because it’s been submitted to SU. πŸ˜€ Someone submitted this exact page.

  15. Gin

    I stumpled here as well… this is soooo true!!!

  16. Smidra

    I think its funny that i used stumbleupon to get to this page.

  17. Framtonm

    He’s right. I never get any work done – it’s always a case of, ‘Just one more page!’ The Stumbler Addict Group sound like a good idea.

  18. ClusterOfCephalopods

    A comic that pretty much describes my life? Now that’s just gross…

    <|| I like it!

  19. Anonymous

    i like it

  20. L O L

    (looks around) i like it

  21. tiki turbo

    stumble mumble bumble rumble grumble crumble tumble anymore/?

  22. lol

    i like it.

  23. jack

    what other way would anyone find this site other than stumbling upon it?

  24. Justin

    I stumbled this too and i’m addicted to stumbleupon. We need a stumbleupon anonymous lol

  25. Abby

    Totally Stumbled it. And now I want to read your other stuff.

  26. theresa

    i stumbled this as well!! … this was supposed to be my last hit for the night… but so were the last 10 clicks… i’ve been doing it for hours!! maybe one more stumble.. πŸ™‚

  27. Lord of Numa

    This comic speaks true.

    You can never hit the Stumble button just once…

  28. someone random

    stumbled… i like it!

  29. Andrea

    I found this by stumbling xD

  30. Min

    hahah I stumbled on this, so addictive, so true πŸ˜›

  31. Brittany

    Haha, stumbled here myself, as well. =]

  32. ryan

    i stumbled here

  33. NOOOO


    Seriously though, I stumble upon things about stumbling 5 time a night.

  34. stumble upon

    haha.i like it too. i as well am a stumbler and i gave this an i like it!…hehe

  35. Solecki

    haha funny. I stumbled up on a fail compilation yesterday, and it is true.

  36. JAB_au

    I like it!

  37. Blinkster

    lolz ^^

  38. kDanthe

    I like it! πŸ˜›

  39. Lou

    I stumbled it too lol ” I like it “

  40. Guest

    I Like IT ! ;D

  41. charzy

    theres a pattern forming i just sense it in my waters

  42. CJ

    *is guilty of stumbling* I’m afraid of ‘liking it’ now incase I get too many favourites on the list so I cant find the really cool ones!

  43. Gigs (Nick G)

    I stumbled this. Heh

  44. Esben

    Yo dawg; i liek. (stumbled as well.)

    – anyone in here who found this due to regular checks on this page?

  45. Sessee

    I stumbled, giggled, and clicked “I like it!”

  46. AMG

    Yeah, I stumbled here. πŸ™‚ I definitely like it!

  47. Stumblstiltskin

    sorry, too busy stumbling to comment…

  48. UC

    I stumbled on to this too! the’s cute:)

  49. Anonymous

    a SU friend sent it to me….

  50. Ch!

    i stuble only when im in the bathroom, like now! GOOD MORNING ADICTS!!!

  51. foyertopp

    This was my first stumble of the day. “He done quit preachin’ and went to meddlin’, that’s what he done.”

  52. droeis

    stumbled it.. thumbs Up ! And click again…
    (so true about the polar bears, cats and FAIL pictures, and there’s no way of filtering it out unless you don’t want any humor-related pages.)

  53. james

    i stumbled on this I LOVE THAT LITTLE BUTTON

  54. Brad

    I would like to thank Ch! for the nice mental image. Nothing like a warm laptop while you’re taking care of business.

  55. jOHNNY

    I stumbled onto this and lol’d, then liked. kthanksbye

  56. Frenchs Mustard

    I actually stumbled onto this too LOL…… I like it!

  57. Anonymous

    i stumbled on to this…rofl

  58. RN4072

    This is so funny. Sometimes my thumb cramps up from from Stumbling all night. It is a vast and disturbing world out there.

  59. Zenman

    Stumble…must StumbleUpon…need..Stumb….l…(thud)

  60. trinytrog

    stumbled. sooo addictive. had a quiet day in work the other week and spent 9 HOURS stumbling.AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH

  61. trinytrog

    Stumble. Its what the internet was invented for

  62. Just Me

    The funniest part about this is that I StumbleUpon-ed it. haha

  63. Anonymous

    I stumble so much that there is a wear mark on my stumble toolbar button……..

  64. LOL


  65. mew4ever23

    I like it!

    Yes, stumble showed me this page.

  66. Anonymous

    Very True my friends probably never see me nor do i see much of the light of day with highspeed and this browser add-on….speaking of which i need a break for food, refreshments, bathroom and maybe a hit from the bong. Wait did i just type that last one out loud…oh well it helps keep my creative side active and my right index finger constantly ready for the “stumble” and “i like it” button.

  67. noel

    totally stumbled this.

    I like it!

  68. Dragon

    mmmm decisions decisions………..

    I like it!

  69. Anonymous

    i stumbled it too lol

  70. stumbles the magical clown

    wow im sad now because its true stumble has eaten my life…i went on my computer to do something then forgot in the stumbling πŸ™

  71. ztev

    me too.. πŸ™‚

    I want my life back!

  72. Anonymous

    i stumbled on this lol

  73. miss amy

    haha. i get stuck for hours on stumble because i refuse to leave my computer until i can find a suitable page to come back to next time. and i usually end up going through the whole good page and then i need to find another one…its a horrible cycle.

  74. Cyclonus

    stumpled hee as well.

  75. gwally

    lolz @all the people that stumbled onto this

    i like it!

  76. Anonymous

    … stumbled on this. Dammit.

  77. cab

    stumbled here.

  78. guest

    I like Stumbleupon, but after time all the stumbles look pretty much the same; must have a random ‘you need fresh air’ kill-switch. If it didn’t do that, you’re right I’d probably never leave the PC!

  79. HMH

    I was totally stumbling when I “stumbled” upon this site πŸ™

  80. Trace

    Did anybody “not” stumble this?

  81. damn

    stumbled on it also

  82. Lilbruno

    Haha. I stumbled onto this. I love StumbeUpon.

  83. dodgsun

    Hi, mine names dodgey, and i stumbles this too πŸ™


  84. guest

    I stumbled upon this as well. This comic sooo describes my nights when I am bored in front of the computer

  85. beth

    yep. found this on stumble upon πŸ™‚

  86. yosemite sam

    this might just get more i like its than anything out there

  87. hazel

    i love it πŸ™‚

  88. Anonymous

    Stumbled!!!111onetyandahalf, but I didn’t review it. lolololololololololololol!!!!11111eleventyoneish.

  89. cajun stumbler

    dude am so even waking up during the night to stumble

  90. Zortec

    I stumbled this after a website about “20 japanese robots probably intent on killing you”

  91. Amelia

    I can totally relate, maaaan!
    That pretty much sums up all I do on the net..

  92. Droid

    I’m addicted as well. thanks stumbleupon

  93. ZOI


  94. Bonnie

    I Stumbled this page also πŸ™‚
    It’s so true !

  95. manda

    hi my name is manda and im a stumble addict.

  96. yaadi

    imy bookmarks are full because of stumble upon,and i also stumbled to this page mi like it

  97. Anonymous

    lol I stumbled it too.

  98. samzeman

    i came here by stumbling!

  99. ioovius

    Stumbled here as well! i like it

  100. Skeptic

    I like it!
    O my, stumbleupon, what have you done?

  101. qSweet

    I like it.

  102. Breathingpoem

    I stumbled upon this last night and laughed out loud. It encouraged me to read the entire comic. Good job! A little cheesy times… but earmouse would be proud. :]

  103. Anonymous

    another stumbler here xD
    i like it!

  104. che-g

    stumbled as well; have seen many fail compilations; love it!!!

  105. grey-matt

    stumbled as well; have seen many fail pages; who thinks of this

  106. HannaSN

    haha i stumbled on this too and yess it is very true i stumble all day long haha

  107. PebsRepublic

    wow, so i see the that almost everyone has stumbled here and that I did too.
    ~i like it

  108. CarCar

    I, too, am addicted to StumbleUpon. That is how I found this site!

  109. Beppler

    stumbled also. I like it.

  110. Bonnie

    Bingo. So glad I’m not alone in my addiction.

  111. Anonymous

    Just like the many others, I stumbled this, and yes it is getting a thumbs up…

  112. kylie

    *sigh* stumbler here πŸ˜›

  113. Alex

    I like it! … Stumble!

  114. kalowg

    I stumbled onto this and lolÒ€ℒd, then liked. kthanksbye

  115. Toby Brock!

    I stumbledupon this page…

    I LIKE IT!

  116. mary

    i came across this website while stumbling…

  117. Anonymous

    i got to this by stumble too. haha

  118. Scratchproof

    Stumbled on it too. I like it!

  119. Jenn

    I stumbled on this at 2:19am. So yeah….

  120. sachin

    hahah….stumbled upon…

  121. jfw06013

    Stumble here at 3:10 a.m.
    God, when am I gonna get some sleep?

  122. Anonymous

    ….omg me 2.

  123. flu


  124. rachel

    and mee!!! i do the same, and then im like ‘what the hell have i been doing for the last 4 hours!?’ and i look back at fond memories…so its not all bad!! lol

  125. Stumbling at 7:00 AM with no sleep

    πŸ˜€ (Y) I like it.

  126. Carli

    *Wishes very much that I could claim to have not Stumbled here…*

  127. RaptorX

    lol… I like it~

  128. istumbles

    i stumbled on this lol

  129. jason

    Lol, awesome one. I stumbled on this, actually. I don’t think i’ll ever do drugs, because i wont have the time to… i’ll be stumbling!

  130. erynn

    wow! This one got quite a bit of reviews! haha and by the way I did stumble upon you comic also. Stumble does you good my friend. I love stumble. =) And I too have stayed on for countless hours stumbling. this is fantastic.

  131. Aaron

    Haha I found this by stumbling

  132. Arn1e

    Stumbled… Could this possibly be a stumbleparadox? is it going to dissappear overnight and never be remembered again like the worlds first quantum computer?!

  133. Tiffany

    I stumbled upon this too! haha.
    I’ve never actually stayed up late for stumble, but I’ve definitely procrastinated.

  134. Tiffany

    I LIKE IT!

  135. FairyBerry20

    my name is fairyberry and i am a stumble-a-holic
    this comic is totally me.
    i realize i need to get out more

  136. lydia

    ha. i stumbled on this.

  137. chantel

    stumble saves my boring nights

  138. Sane

    That’s my usual thought process when I stumble. Now I realize that I’m pretty promiscuous with my “I like it” button…

  139. ahmad

    ha ha ha ha

    so true man .

    i stumbled on this too

  140. TheGabe


  141. Rykoma

    Lol, Stumbled on this one too xD

  142. Jesse

    I find it funny that i stumbled to this page

  143. Lara

    Haha, that’s funny, I Stumbled onto this one!

  144. ken

    stumbled upon yet again..this comic’s author and must be in cahoots

  145. wheelnut53

    it took me 60 days to realize I didnt have to read every page

  146. moie

    hehe i stumbled here as did a million other people i guess

  147. Willow

    I stumbled here… I like it!

  148. grim9.0

    I actually stumbled this too. How awesome. Thank you for making a comic of how stumble can be.

  149. fliffy


  150. Ed

    just think, without stumble upon, no one would have ever heard of
    I wonder if anyone will visit the homepage. I dont think I will, the stumble button is much more tempting.

  151. new school old school

    me too, the likey. me too, the stumble. good stuff.

  152. Rahz DIf

    hey I stumbled upon this to haha

  153. blad3runn69

    lol i like it!

  154. spellathon

    Stumbled πŸ™‚

  155. Chan

    hahaha stumbled this as well xD

  156. Anonymous

    I like this one! :b

  157. Cindy

    Stumbled πŸ™‚
    Nice comic, good to see all the stumblers concerned about their habit heh. But you know, Digital Crack will fry your brains gaiz!!1!!

  158. Anonymous

    yup i stumbled onto this also. lol.

  159. Robin


  160. Anonymous

    stumbled here like a bunch of ppl! alarm clock = lucifer! ROFL! long live this comic!

  161. rachhhh

    hahaha. stumbled this alsooo.

    like it! πŸ™‚

  162. ALex

    wow everyone here stumbles =]

  163. Lana

    Thumbs up!!!

  164. Kyle

    I stumbled too XD man, we’re sad people, but its too awesome….

  165. Anonymous

    i stumbled this too !! OMG

  166. X3R0


  167. It's 5AM and I haven't slept in days.

    Just one more click. Just one more.

    I stumbled here.

  168. Rachel

    I stumbled too.

    I like it!

  169. Anonymous

    stumble on ppl. This site is starting to become like a way-point. It’s crazy. just one more….

  170. Puck

    Stumbled as well..

    *thumbs up* I like it!

  171. missy

    πŸ˜€ this is amazing.
    i like it!
    i stumbled on to it as well.

  172. Ms T RDH

    I love stumble & I stumbled here too

  173. darkangel_21a

    lol yet another person who stumbled on it . lol

  174. Hola!

    I like it!

  175. laura

    stumbled upon this haaaa love it.

  176. fillis

    i stumbled upon this roflcopter

  177. Lynne

    Stumbled here…

  178. nicole

    Hi, my name is Nicole…and I’m addicted to stumbleupon…whimper whimper

  179. Dizzy Dee

    Haha, ditto!!

  180. Brad

    hahah “I like it!” cause my name is Brad.. and I am a Stumble addict..

  181. Brad

    Holy crap! My name is Brad too!

  182. Ana

    I’m so afraid that my battery will die while I’m stumbling that I NEVER unplug my laptop….. I need help!! At least I’m not alone

  183. Anonymous

    HA! stumbled here and I like it and my names not Brad!

  184. stumbler4life

    i too stumbled this stumble

  185. Bumble

    I discovered this page because I go alphabetically through every site on the internet and I am up to here. what is this stumbleupon that everyone speaks of?

  186. Anonymous

    i stumbled onto this 2

  187. Anonymous

    i stumbled on to this too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  188. Anonymous

    yay I stumbled on this too !!! I like it !!!

  189. adam christophe

    stumbled here from baltimore,md

  190. Bobberrrrtttooo

    lol i stumbled here

  191. Anonymous

    I stumble here!

  192. prabhat

    i like it, got here through stumble. very true prespective… hahaha

  193. d

    haha that **** is true….

  194. booboo

    I like it:)

  195. Ashre

    Stumbled. I like it πŸ˜‰

  196. I LIKE IT. su

    I LIKE IT. su

  197. matt

    i stumbled this page, like everyone else except i then went back and read them all. nice comics

  198. sherry

    yeah i like it too

  199. justmefromMI

    i stumbled upon this too!! yes stumble is very addicting. i’ve also found some really nice backgrounds. so long vista crap, hello wonderful internet!

  200. oh yeah

    i like it

    i actually stumbled on this

  201. jj

    still stumblin’!

  202. abbie

    hahah . i found this stumbling [:

  203. JasonL

    Stumbled here also. : )

  204. Lauren

    stumbled it. lol

  205. Jonny J.

    it official, we all stumbled and like it! haa

  206. erin

    i used stumble to get here! lol

  207. Kris

    hah .. I stumbled onto this too! ..

  208. StumblerBot

    Yeah, I stumbled too πŸ™‚ AND I LIKED IT!

  209. oejgori

    Haha, I stumbled onto this too!

  210. Julia

    I like it! Haha, oh us stumblers…

  211. God

    wow i just stumbled this or something

  212. Steph

    Ha! I like it *thumbs up*

  213. Ashley

    i stummmbllleedd πŸ˜›

  214. rich

    i stumbled here. πŸ˜€

  215. Panda

    HAHAHAH i love it…this is me! except for that last box…hehehehe

  216. @rkus

    oh – no! The Other stumblers were here before me! πŸ˜€

  217. Anonymous

    When I’m bored I’m like to play with my stumble button πŸ™‚

  218. matt

    stumbled as

  219. tom

    i stumbled this site too – its so true! πŸ˜€

  220. stumblebum

    to stumble or not to stumble? CLICK!

  221. Anonymous

    Stumbled it.

  222. juzzard

    Here’s another one who’s stumbled this. haha. We’re all stumble addicts. Good work.

  223. matt

    this is kinda funny, but stumble is way more useful than trivial as this comic portrays it. I have found some of the most useful links, and the best information ever on stumble. i’m pretty sure i’m gonna know everything there is to know in about a year at this rate lol… but there is no doubt i am absolutely addicted to this **** haha. SU 4 LIFE

  224. jake

    ha its so true i stumbled onto this to

  225. mental perception

    I stumbled this…

  226. Sebin ........ha

    me too


    I stumbled this as well. I like it.

  228. Nane

    Wow…..I see what you did there.

    I stumbled into this -_-

  229. steph0906

    i stumbled on this myself haha

    I like it!

  230. Tiger

    ‘sigh’ as hopeless as the rest

  231. Kim

    I stumbled here myself. πŸ™‚ I like this!

  232. janhvi

    i stumbled on this………..
    but i like it!

  233. amy

    yeah i stumbled it too

  234. Mr. G

    I also got here by stumbling…how very meta.

  235. Goonberg

    Stumbling, stumbling, stumbling…I got here. Yes, it can be an addiction.

  236. wolf0323

    I LIKE IT!

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