1) Lectures shmectures
2) I like to go to lectures and read the book
3) Why is the professor talking about Germany and pointing to a pie-chart?
4) I’m just glad to see Earmouse make an appearance

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  1. 1secondreactionshot

    I vote for the Frame about the germans inviting the french to dinner and the pie chart. I was trying to figure out what the lecture was about: History(WW2)? Foreign Languages/ Humanities? Math? Intriguing.

  2. Brad

    I vote for “Lectures shmectures” because I’m a sucker for things being shme’d.

  3. Phillyzero

    I vote for #3. I also have a case of pre-noon delirium.

  4. Elise

    ahaha! This is brilliant. I actually do this sometimes to my 11 am class…and I’m a girl. Sad, I know. However, I’m leaning towards #3. I hate professors who waste my time…like having me stay up till 5 am to write a paper…anywho, great comic! 😀

  5. Anonymouse

    Call me crazy, but I’m voting for #4.

  6. starryskeyed

    Haha! I’m actually blowing off a paper right now because I stumbled upon this site! I vote #3 also.

  7. lollii

    “Did he just wink at me?” LOL! I love your comics ^^

  8. Vane

    3, if that’s a phil. 101 class. XD

  9. RME

    I really like this comic. It’s very realistic and funny! Keep up the excellent work.
    -Restoring the True Meaning of Education

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