Since it’s Friday the 13th, I decided to try a new format.  Well… it’s not new in general, but it’s new to  If anyone has any other Pros and/or Cons of having a girlfriend, please share 🙂

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  1. 1secondreactionshot

    You kind of covered already, but: Con: On valentine’s day they expect something really special and it has to be new and original (not the same thing you did before.) I boycott valentine’s day!!!

  2. Brad

    1SRS, sounds like you are having a current issue with Valentine’s Day and your lady. I find that if you spend a lot of money you don’t have to be creative… but since I’m poor, I usually work the creative side. Have you thought about creating a Valentine’s Day theme for your website and dedicating it to your woman? That’s what I would do if I were you.

  3. Dave

    So much nicer looking that any pro/con lists I’ve done… gonna have to vote for “I still like (crazy) girls”!

  4. Lindsay

    As a female I find that it is quite easy to find ideas for how to woo females online! Date ideas, gift ideas (cheap and expensive), and more! Women spend countless hours getting ready for dates so you could at least take the time to google!

  5. Brad

    Lindsay is spot on about that. I googled “cheap romantic gifts” for my wife last year for our anniversary (because I had dropped all my disposable income on a killer comic website). Long story short, I wound up hanging 106 paper hearts from our ceiling, each with a different reason why I love her. Probably the best gift I have ever given her, and I have google to thank.

  6. Peter

    definitely glad to go with option three in the voting there… 😛

  7. oobuttons

    ohmygosh i have a friend named brad.

    why doesnt clicking the box work? :/

  8. Brad

    I know, it’s me! How have you been? Clicking the box doesn’t work because it doesn’t. Voting isn’t really important, it’s more for ambiance.

  9. Johhny

    So I printed out the form and checked the corresponding check box. To whom do I send the form?

    My friend’s brother’s girlfriend’s mom’s niece’s husband’s friend is named Brad!

  10. Brad

    Johnny, I like the initiative. I don’t have a faxline set up for this sort of thing, but if you want to scan it you can email it to

    Everyone should take a lesson from Johnny.

  11. Daniel

    this is totally the story of my life in high school. chicks only wanted a sucker for the month of february…

  12. Salvatore Iovene

    Hi! Nice strip!

  13. a liberal

    i gotta go w/ # 3.

    but keep ur hats on conservatives, i’m a girl

  14. Personne

    Never, ever, go out for dinner on Valentine’s Day. De primero, all the restaurants are full to the rim; next, if you reserved 2 months in advance and get a table, there will be either a) a Special Valentine Menu – overpriced and pre-cooked or b) à la carte with an hour minimum wait time.

    Flowers or chocolate. Works every time.

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