Well, folks, it looks like Brad has worked his way into quite a pickle. 

Will Brad:
a) Make a run for it, leading to a cat and mouse chase through Big City full of hilarious hijinks?
b) Quickly draw a comic about the “pros and cons” of being a police officer, and amuse the officers to the point of letting him go?
or c) Be forever known as “that crazy stalker-guy” who talks to mice?

Tune in Monday to find out!  Same BIG time.  Same BIG comic.

comic / webcomic 061

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  1. 1secondreactionshot

    I know this isn’t a voting situation but I hope that he runs.

  2. Earmouse

    He doesn’t have the marbles to run. It would be funny though.

  3. Phillyzero

    Option C, especially after he insisted the cops smell him 😉

  4. lollii

    “smell me” lmao totally awesome

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