Is the correct terminology “stupider & stupidest” or “more stupid & most stupid”?  Or are both OK?  Is there an English Major in the house?

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  1. 1secondreactionshot

    It is obviously “Stupider” because of the old song in school where the boys sing “…girls go to jupiter to get more stupider.”

  2. Brad

    That’s the most brillianter thing I’ve ever heard.

  3. jynksie

    It’s “brilliant-est thing” …. Isn’t it? Making up words is fun !

  4. Zabimaru

    I just discovered your comic and I think that it’s great.

    Regarding the inflection of stupid, Wiktionary tells us that both are correct:

    stupid (comparative stupider or more stupid, superlative stupidest or most stupid)

  5. Brad

    Welcome, Zabimaru. I had a feeling that both were correct. However, Wiktionary must not be all encompassing since it had no mention of “more stupider” – which is obviously correct based on 1SRS’s use of the word in the first comment.

    Now Zabimaru, I noticed you blog is called “Zombie Lovers Anonymous”… by any chance, do you like Dr. Pepper? Do you like the Doors? And/or is your name Jon F.?

  6. Zabimaru

    Now that was an interesting set of questions.
    Unfortunately I must say that I probably dislike Dr. Pepper (though it was many years since I had one, so my taste might have changed), I am no fan of the Doors and my name is Marcus Bengtsson.

    I am guessing that I would have been someone you know if my answers would have been different? Otherwise they are really odd questions to randomly ask people 🙂

    Though… I must admit that it would be a lot of fun to just ask people questions like that, and if you happen to get a hit you pretend that you’re psychic 🙂

  7. Brad

    Yes, Zab, I was wondering if you were someone I knew a long long time ago. My guess is you would love the guy I am thinking of (at least anonymously).

    The random questions reminds me of a card trick I use to do. Have someone draw a card from a deck, then guess what suit the card is. Once in a while you will be correct. When that happens refuse to explain how you did it, and refuse to do it again. People will think it’s magic.

  8. Vane

    Stupider and Stupidest sounds best, when it’s just supposed to be “most stupid”, haha.

    Making up words that still sound legit always works. :]

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