So, is MarioKart 64 better than MarioKart Wii?  Well, I have to admit I have a special place in my heart for MarioKart 64, given my mad skillz in 64’s battle mode (which do not translate to the Wii).  MarioKart Wii, on the other hand, you can play over WiFi (which is an awesome feature).

MarioKart Wii has the potential to be the hands-down winner, but someone at Nintendo thought it would be funny to choose “Skyscraper” as the MarioKart 64 legacy battle level.  If they had chosen “Block fort” instead, all would be right with the world.

In conclusion, I rambled about a video game instead of actually commenting on what may be a very pivital comic in “the BIG cheese” series.  Who’s nervous now?

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  1. 1secondreactionshot

    Ok ok, take it easy. Mario Kart 64 was supreme BECAUSE of its battle mode. No battle mode before or after has ever, EVER come close. How can you improve perfection? The only thing they can do now is the same thing but with better graphics. (I am very passionate about this issue.)

  2. Brad

    But, 1SRS, you cannot take the “online play” factor lightly. Here’s one young man’s opinion from years ago who agrees with you:

    … And like I said before, they brought one battle level to Wii from each of the previous MarioKart games, and from MarioKart 64 they chose Skyscraper. Dumb, dumb.

    I understand why you are passionate about this.

  3. Human4cheese

    Mario Kart 64 is better. Hands down. I have the one on WII, and I’m not even that interested to play it. Sure it has the “online play,” but if you have five friends come over to play Mario Kart 64, then the WII doesn’t even compare. Beer, friends, Mario Kart 64….that’s what I call a Thursday night, my friend.

  4. friendless

    I like Mario Kart Wii, because, unlike Human4cheese (which by the way, I love your name, fellow cheese lover) I have no friends. So I reley on strangers

  5. Brad

    We have 4 MarioKart lovers here! We need to have a MarioKart 64 party. MY only rule is that you can’t pick Skyscraper Battle mode, and I get to be Toad.

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