by Earmouse

Dear Earmouse, I currently run a website and need to make budget cuts.  I have an employee who dropped the ball last month on his blog-advice-column, so I have decided to drop him, and run the blog myself.  He is a bit of an ego-maniac, and I fear he won’t take the news well.  How should I tell him I’m firing him from his blog?
— B.C., Big City, USA

It’s simple, B.C., don’t hold back.  Just tell him “you’re fired!”  Point your finger at him and everything… it’ll be hilarious.

Thanks to everyone who sent in questions, but “Ask Earmouse” is going on hiatus for a while. 


Brad will be taking over the blog to save on costs.  There will be no regular schedule for Brad’s Blog, he will just post whenever he feels like it, about whatever he feels like 🙂

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