The alternate comic title was “Fun with Homophones”

comic / webcomic 052

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  1. swells

    I like homophones, but I get annoyed by those that mix them up

  2. fritz

    I misspell there all the time for their. I’m glad I’m not the only one.

  3. 1secondreactionshot

    Best line: “Yup.”

  4. Brad Carey


  5. Eagle0600

    I never get these confused.

  6. Aaron


  7. Aaron

    oh wait. i only read the first few words and posted the comment. it wasnt until afterword that i noticed it was the point of the comic.

  8. Brad

    Too funny, Aaron. The best part is that your name is “Aaron”, which coinkidentally is the name of our glasses-wearing, grammar hero in this comic.

  9. Rowan Watson

    So, I’m not the only person who sees text behind their eyes when they hear (or speak) words?

  10. FreeFall

    Aaron, when you correct spelling/grammar, make sure yours is right.

    Its = Third person possessive
    It’s = It is

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