My goal was to create a website and post 50 comics on it.  Since this comic is #50, I’m done!  Hope everyone enjoyed it while it lasted.


.. I’m kidding, I’m kidding.  I’ll keep drawing comics.

comic / webcomic 050

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  1. 1secondreactionshot

    Brilliant comic as usual. And congratulations on the #50 webcomic. You are a comic genius.

  2. Phillyzero

    Wow lol, you totally had me going…I thought you were done 🙁

    Keep it up.

  3. Brad Carey

    They say Canadians are gullible 🙂 Don’t worry, Comics By Brad will be here for a while.

  4. swells

    well you better not go anywhere…its the only comic I read

  5. Ziggy

    This one is my favorite out of all of these comics. I’m a software engineer.

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