Question: how many comics can you write about alarm clocks before you “kill it”?

Answer: I bet I can do at least one more after this.

comic / webcomic 037

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  1. Brad Carey

    Just to add a comment: Any argument is valid if you have a big, well-drawn graphic saying so.

  2. tpiro

    It makes sense to me!

  3. Aaron Demke

    lol I like the angry eyes.

  4. swells

    You need some stats to go with your chart. I think you could keep it going too. The alarm clock could take the role of Pierre. You can have a nerdy kid argue that alarm clocks are useful because they wake us up (similar to JP is fast). I don’t think I could get tired of this. I’ll set my alarm so I get up in time…

  5. Brad Carey

    Swells, here’s a stat: 100% of all alarm clocks are despised.

  6. Eagle0600

    And there’s a false stat.

    You really need to fix your research. Also, you killed it at least a comic back.

  7. erynn

    I think Eagle killed it. Entirely. Yep. But no harm done. You’ll keep on keepin on. (by the way I’ve read every single one up until this point and You’re a genius. Pure outstanding genius! =) Stumble upon is my hero for helping me find you. hehe

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