No matter what professors say, you will get better grades when the professor agrees with the content of your report/papers. 

Alarm clock = Devil apparel is now available in the Comics by Brad Store.  This design looks sweet on a dark T-shirt.

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  1. swells

    So true. In communications class in college we had to introduce someone. I introduced a real person, and got a B. Some other guy introduced Pretty Tony, the 1997 Pimp and Player of the year. It was funny but horribly presented and he got a A because the professor was amused.

    I like the shirts…Thinking of getting me a “grass roots” shirt for Christmas

  2. Brad Carey

    Exactly, swells. And as far as the shirts go, a grass roots fan shirt is really an investment. I’m eventually going to pull the plug on it, so 10 years from now they will probably be worth a lot. I wouldn’t even knock someone for cashing out his/her 401k to buy a truckload of these things.

    Heads up: If ordering from the ComicsbyBrad store for Christmas, in order to have your order delivered by December 24, you should order by Dec 9 (economy shipping) or by Dec 15 (standard shipping).

  3. Eagle0600

    My previous comment holds. I got nothing against my alarm clock.

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