by Brad Carey

The Comics by Brad store is up and running!  “BIG cheese gear” makes a great present for yourself or anyone on your holiday shopping list.  Click here to go to the store

You may have noticed that the store has been up for the past few weeks, and gradually growing. Well, my initial group of designs is complete, so now is a great time to order if you were thinking about it. At one point I mentioned that there would be 10 designs in the initial group, but I decided on quality over quantity – so there are 6 stylish designs available.

I highly recommend the “I Liked the Cheese before it was BIG” design – this is a limited edition design that will only be available to true grass-roots fans. This design will be pulled from the store before the comic strip becomes a world-wide sensation. My guess is, 10 years from now, these shirts will be going for crazy dollars on eBay, so these are a great investment.

I hope this blog entry doesn’t come across as a hard sell, as it’s not.  I appreciate continued readership and attention above anything else.  I am pleased by the traffic has already been receiving and I encourage everyone to continue checking for updates, to post comments, to subscribe by feed or email, and to tell friends/stumble/strangers/etc…

I can be reached anytime at brad@comicsbybrad.comand I try to check my email on a daily basis.  Thanks for everyone’s support.

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