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I don’t remember the 2000 Census.  I wasn’t living on my own at the time, and wasn’t paying attention – but this year I was ready.  For the past two weeks the envelope has been sitting on my kitchen counter.  A reminder notice next to it.  Ads every ten minutes to remind me to do it.  I was excited.  I wanted to be counted.

So I ate a hearty breakfast this morning, cleared some time, and sat down with a pen and my form.  Wife was nearby to help with any questions.  I opened the envelope.  A few directions and it started…

“How many people live in your household” – that was easy “2” !

Very exciting.

Then I flipped the page.  Age, date of birth, race, done.  That was it?  No cool questions?  Nothing else?  In fact, my wife didn’t even want to answer the race question, after all, it shouldn’t be important.  But it was “The Census”, so race, income, how often I brush my teeth…this was the one time I was willing to answer everything – nothing should be off limits.  But in the end, all the hype was just a fancy way of asking, “how many people live there”.  That’s it. Couldn’t I have just sent a text?

“2 … 🙁 sigh”

Whoever said “Your taste buds change every 7 years”, must’ve never had a corn dog.

Just a couple of things real quick.

First, astute fans may have noticed that Comics by Brad just reached the 1-year milestone! It all started on September 12, 2008, so this is a proud accomplishment to say the least.  I once promised a book at the 1-year mark, but I have since decided that it would be too premature.  Look for a more awesomer/bigger book to come out at the end of year-2 (that’s right, I have no plans of going away!).

Second, the name “The BIG cheese” is being done away with.  Soon I will clean house, and this little corner of the web will be simply known as Comics by Brad.  “The BIG cheese” is superfluous and unnecessary.  Besides, what will I do when sponsors come knocking on the door – “Comics by Brad presents The BIG cheese by Brad Carey presented by The Home Depot…”  – that’s way, way too long.

Lastly, I will be taking a couple weeks off to take it all in.  I’m planning on being off for 2 weeks… 3 tops.  We’ll see.  October is a hectic month at my other job, plus I have some short vacation time planned with the wife. I will do my best to get a head start going into next month.

Thanks again for all your support, and stay awesome.

– Brad